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What is a  Libertarian?

The Libertarian Party values individual liberty and personal freedom in all aspects of life. This means the Libertarian Party is the most ideologically consistent party when it comes to their stance on both social and economic issues. It is also why they are the party best equipped to end political gridlock, and the polarization of issues, currently taking place in Washington D.C. Libertarians promote policies and ideas that lead to individual prosperity and economic freedom.

Too often elections come down to the voter not voting for someone who they feel will adequately represent their views and beliefs in government, but rather they feel they are forced to choose between the candidate they view as the lesser of two evils. Many people are even discouraged from voting because they feel that their vote doesn't really matter, especially if they live in a district that usually overwhelmingly supports the opposite party. By voting for a third party candidate you are telling the political class that they cannot divvy up districts into D's and R's and guarantee themselves a victory. You are telling the politicians that you are tired of the failure of leadership displayed by both parties, and that you want a government whose direction is determined by the people, and not one that is jolted in a new direction whenever one of the two parties gains the majority. And most importantly you are voting for a system that cannot operate without cooperation from others who share different views but are united behind what is in the best interest of the American people.

Why Vote for a Third Party Candidate?
A New Way Forward